Super7 Unleashes Godzilla Minus One Ultimates Action Figure

Super 7's new Godzilla Minus One figure captures the 2023 film's ferocity in stunning detail, available now to preorder.

Super7 Unleashes Godzilla Minus One Ultimates Action Figure

Super7 is bringing the might of the latest Godzilla saga to your shelves with their Godzilla Minus One 8-inch Scale Ultimates Action Figure.

This latest figure is based on the formidable Godzilla as seen in the 2023 movie, "Godzilla Minus One," which is currently thrilling fans in cinemas. Super 7 has meticulously captured every detail of Godzilla's latest outing, offering a piece of the cinematic experience for fans to own. This figure is a standout addition for both dedicated Godzilla enthusiasts and those new to the legendary franchise.

You can preorder the Super7 Ultimates Godzilla Minus One action figure now at Entertainment Earth for only $85.

A Glimpse at the Beast

If you thought Godzilla was just a big, scaly creature, think again. This action figure brings the iconic kaiju to life with stunning detail and size that demands attention. Standing over 8 inches tall and stretching 14 inches long, it's not just a figure; it's a statement.

Director Takashi Yamazaki's seal of approval for authenticity means this figure is a true reflection of Godzilla Minus One. The intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing make it look like it's just stomped right out of the movie screen.

What's Godzilla without its earth-shattering roar? The interchangeable roaring head adds an extra layer of realism and versatility to this figure. Switch up the heads, and it’s like you have two different versions of the King of Monsters. The sense of power and danger this figure emanates is palpable.

This isn't just for die-hard Godzilla fans either. It's for anyone who appreciates the art of collectibles or has a soft spot for movie monsters. Whether you're looking to add a new centrepiece to your collection or start with a bang, this Godzilla figure is an unmissable opportunity.

The figure is priced at a reasonable $85, considering its size and detail involved. Pre-orders are open to secure your own Godzilla, with shipping expected in September 2024.

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