McFarlane Toys Pre-Order's Live For Superman 'Hush' and Robin 'Tim Drake' Action Figures

Mcfarlane Toys opens pre-orders for Superman 'Hush' and 'Robin: Reborn' Tim Drake figures on July 6.

McFarlane Toys Announces Pre-Order Dates for Superman 'Hush' and Robin 'Tim Drake' Action Figures

McFarlane Toys has announced that pre-orders for their Superman 'Hush' and Robin 'Tim Drake' action figures will open this Thursday, July 6. These figures have been met with anticipation from fans and collectors alike when revealed earlier this year.

Superman 'Hush' is available to pre-order now for only $19.99!

Robin 'Tim Drake' figure is also now available to pre-order for only $19.99!

The head sculpts for both figures have been crafted with care, offering fans representations that are true to the source material. Superman, from the renowned 'Hush' storyline, and Tim Drake's Robin, both have facial features and expressions reminiscent of their comic book counterparts.

Fans of Tim Drake's Robin would be pleased to note that the figure includes his characteristic bo staff. Accessories like these add depth to the figures and give collectors a chance to bring iconic scenes to life.

The Superman Hush and Robin Tim Drake action figures by McFarlane Toys are based on two fascinating variations of classic DC characters.

The 'Hush' series presents Superman in a unique storyline that crosses paths with Batman's world. Tim Drake, the third Robin, brought a distinct flavour to the role with his strategic mind and signature bo-staff, with the figure based on Robin: Reborn.

Availability may vary depending on location and demand. For those eager to secure these figures, Superman 'Hush' is available to pre-order now for only $19.99! Robin 'Tim Drake' figure is also now available to pre-order for only $19.99!

With the pre-order for these figures opening on July 6, fans and collectors have a chance to add these characters to their collections. Stay tuned for further updates on these and other collectibles from McFarlane Toys.

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