Mattel Announce Hot Wheels Fast & Furious NFTs

Mattel's Hot Wheels Fast & Furious NFTs will drop May 22 @ 09:00 PT.

Mattel Announce Hot Wheels Fast & Furious NFTs

Mattel is set to release Hot Wheels Fast & Furious NFTs on 22nd May at 09:00 PT. This launch follows the recent Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 5 drop and forms part of their planned collaborative mini-collection series.

Packs are available for $20 and each contains 6 NFTs: 3 common, 2 uncommon, and either a Rare or Super Rare. There are a total of 19 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious NFTs to collect. If you manage to gather all 19 by 13th September 2023, you'll be able to claim Suki's pink Honda S2000 from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

It's an interesting choice for a physical reward,  given that Mattel has already released this car in 2016 and 2018. However, there aren't many Fast and Furious cars that they haven't released over the years.

This updated version will boast a Spectraflame paint finish (the name given to Mattel's iconic metallic finish, often found on their more premium products) and a unique Fast & Furious license plate.

Suki's Honda S2000 will be limited to just 2,500 pieces. As the key to completing your 19-car set, securing the Super Rare NFT is essential. As Suki would say, don't be the one walking home!

To give you an idea of the physical market value, there was a Honda S2000 released as part of Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 2, limited to 1,500 pieces, which now sells for around $400 on eBay.

Head over to Mattel Creations on May 22 to purchase packs.

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