Holy Non Fungible Tokens, Batman! DC NFTs are incoming

Holy Non Fungible Tokens, Batman! DC NFTs are incoming

Comics giant, DC, has partnered with Palm NFT Studio to introduce their first NFT offering.

This initial drop is available for free, and begins October 5th to tie into the annual DC FanDome event. Everyone who registers before or during Fandome 2021 (which takes place on October 26th) will receive their free NFT, with a second free token offered for those who share on social media.

To register, visit DCFanDome.com and set up your account (and wallet) for free!

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Redemption codes will be distributed via email beginning Oct 5th, although DC themselves advise that it may take 48 hours or longer to receive your code once you've signed up. These codes can be entered in your wallet to claim your free DC NFT.

The Wonder Woman Common variant

DC have elected to launch on the Palm ecosystem, which exists as a token-based Ethereum sidechain. It boasts low gas costs, and is over 99.9% more energy efficient than Proof of Work systems.

If there's anyone in the pop culture space who has the back catalogue of iconic art to pull from to create some amazing NFT sets, it's DC. As one of the biggest players in comics and superhero blockbusters, DC's roots stretch all the way back to the 1930s, when both Superman and Batman made their debuts.

This first raft of NFTs have apparently been hand-picked by comics legend Jim Lee himself, and showcase some classic titles from the company's history. Big names including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are featured, in 3 different rarities.

For now DC have only announced this first free drop, presumably as a test for future offerings. It seems inevitable that further collections will be incoming.

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