Max TokenHead 1/1 Funko NFT Sells For $5k

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Craig Fulton

Since Funko entered the NFT space with the excellent TMNT drop, most of the conversation has been centred around the physical redemption of a Funko Pop! when you hold a Grail, Legendary or a full set of Funko NFTs (Common > Epic).

The value of a physical Funko Pop! is easy to understand. It can, however, be difficult to understand the value that collectors and investors put on digital-only NFTs, especially if you are new to the NFT space.

Today (26/08/2021), we see that value in broad daylight with the purchase of a unique 1/1 Silver Max TokenHead Funko NFT for 13k WAX, just short of $5k based on today's WAX price.

Max is the mascot of TokenHead, an awesome app for organising and showcasing your NFT collection. Funko acquired a majority share in TokenHead developers TokenWave LLC.

This follows an even bigger sale of the unique 1/1 Silver Freddy Funko NFT for 99,999 WAX which was just short of $16k at the time of sale (08/04/2021). The WAX involved in that sale would be valued at $38k today.

Both sales went to the same buyer, a well-known whale in the WAX community.

There is no physical redemption for the 1/1 NFTs. These are one-of-a-kind digital-only collectables found in packs (all have now been pulled). Six were released in total with both Max Tokenhead and Freddy Funko available in Bronze, Silver & Gold variants.

The main conversation may be around physical redemption, but it's digital-only that tops the sales chart.

New to Funko NFTs? Check out the upcoming Big Boy NFT drop.

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