DC Universe - NFT Marketplace Now Open

DC Universe - NFT Marketplace Now Open
DC Universe - NFT Marketplace Now Open

Palm NFT Studio launched the DC Universe NFT marketplace today, giving NFT collectors the chance to buy a variety of DC NFTs, including limited edition The Batman posters,  DC Overdrive Discs (featuring Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and more) and the crown jewel in the collection: The Bat Cowl.

All purchases can only be made by credit card for now, but crypto transactions are on the way. Users can not yet cash out funds, but this feature is promised shortly.

DC Overdrive Discs listed for sale

The biggest draw is without a doubt the Bat Cowls, where holders will receive rewards for at least the next two years. This includes voting rights on an upcoming new DC comic centred around the Bat Cowls, with involvement from the legendary Jim Lee himself.

The Bat Cowl Roadmap

Owning a Bat Cowl will also unlock even more when burning an Overdrive Disk to reveal secret NFTs, a feature to come soon.

11,544 unique Bat Cowls were minted at launch, for the price of $300, across 6,834 owners. The current lowest listing is sitting at $498 (at the time of writing). Very rare or legendary materials are listed much higher, with the natural variance often seen during price discovery.

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