Own An Official DC Bat Cowl NFT - Ends Today!

Own An Official DC Bat Cowl NFT - Ends Today!
Own An Official DC Bat Cowl NFT - Ends Today!

If you're a fan of DC's Batman, you may not want to miss the official Bat Cowl NFT drop that ends today, May 2, @ 23:59 PDT.

Warner Bros has partnered with Palm NFT Studios to bring you your very own unique Bat Cowl NFT for a cool $300 each (purchase with debit/credit card).

It's not your typical generative art NFT either. Of course, you will receive the star of the show, one unique Bat Cowl made from a possible two billion combinations of materials, ears, backgrounds and more. But it's also your ticket to a VIP Batman experience.

The DC Bat Cowl NFT

Utility Cowl!

Move over utility belt, it's the utility Cowl that is the new show in town. Every owner of the Bat Cowl will receive two-plus years of added perks and benefits.

Some of the perks include getting assigned one of 10 Gotham City Districts through a new NFT which will unlock future experiences, shape a new DC comic by voting with your Bat Cowl and receive exclusive art and behind the scenes content (your cowl may even appear in the comic!), access to private fans forums and unlock exclusive products, collectables and experiences.

DC Bat Cowl Utility Roadmap

Your very own Bat Cowl can even be added to Snapchat as a unique filter, so you can wear it whilst on that all-important video call.

New utility features are expected to be unlocked every 52 days!

Our Thoughts?

If you're a Batman fan, I can see the additional utility alongside your very own unique Bat Cowl being a huge draw. The price, however, may be a sticking point for many, but it may very well be worth it if the utility is delivered as planned.

There was the possibility that 200k Bat Cowls could be minted in total, at the time of writing 7,311 have been minted (with I believe another 2k reserved). I'm not sure what the expected sales were, but I feel like the current rate is a reasonable number to cultivate a community whilst maintaining that sense of exclusivity.

A secondary market will be launched if you want to sell or buy more Bat Cowls after the primary sale.

One thing that I'm not a huge fan of is walled garden NFTs. This is where your NFT is locked into a certain platform (think Veve, Topps NFTs, NBA Top Shot etc) where you don't control the wallet.

The benefit of this, as Palm NFT Studios describes, is that it keeps the "crypto complexity under the hood". The good news is that they do plan to offer third party wallet integration for this set so you can move your Bat Cowl to your own Ethereum wallet in future.

But if you are interested in this drop and don't have any experience with Etherium, then you're in luck. Simply sign up for an account, pay with a credit/debit card and you will soon be kitted out with your new Bat Cowl!

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