Big Boy Funko NFT Queue has Opened

Big Boy Funko NFT queue is open now

With the second Funko NFT drop imminent, more details, including a full look at the complete set, have been released.

If you're keen to get in on the action and purchase Standard or Premium packs at launch, the queue is now live. In order to purchase, you'll need to have your WAX wallet set up and to have joined a queue before the drop goes live at 2pm EST on Tuesday August 31st. Direct purchases at launch can only be made with a valid credit or debit card, and purchases will be delivered to your WAX wallet.

Once the drop goes live, the queue will be randomised (in order to give everyone who queues up an equal shot at being able to purchase packs), and there is a $30 limit on purchases. If you are able to purchase at launch, you'll be able to grab 3x Standard packs or 1x Premium Pack (both queue buttons take you to the same queue for a choice of either pack). Remember to move fast - don't hang around during the checkout process.

You may be able to queue back up to have another go, but it's almost certain that stocks will sell out too quickly for that to be possible.

The full template catalogue can also now be viewed, so you can feast your eyes on all those lovely cards, including the Legendary and Grail variants that include a physical Funko Pop! collectible.

For the full rundown of the Big Boy Funko NFT drop, check out our Ultimate Guide. Be sure to let us know what you open!

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