Battle Against Cobra with the All-New GI Joe Classified Series Steel Corps Troopers 2-Pack

Get your highly detailed, action-ready G.I. Joe Steel Corps Troopers 2-Pack for only $54.99. Preorder now to add these perfect army builders to your collection.

Battle Against Cobra with the All-New GI Joe Classified Series Steel Corps Troopers 2-Pack

Join the ranks with Hasbro as it rolls out its brand new G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps Troopers 6-Inch Action Figure 2-Pack. The ultimate symbol of bravery and dedication, the Steel Corps Troopers, are now available for your collection.

Get your preorders in now on Entertainment Earth for only $54.99. Be on alert, as these figures are set to report for duty in your collection come December 2023.

These Hasbro figures personify the Steel Corps Troopers from G.I. Joe's illustrious lore, each equipped with their Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) backpacks, making them ready to soar into action at a moment's notice. Each figure captures the grit of the Steel Corps Troopers, and presented in this fantastic set, they look freaking cool!

The 2-pack comes jam-packed with an assortment of 28 accessory pieces, including 13 blast effects, alternative heads and 11 weapon accessories, perfect for recreating scenes of daring airborne missions and ground combat.

Boasting Hasbro's high articulation design with 28 moving parts, these figures are ready for an epic battle pose or simply standing guard over your G.I. Joe collection. They are superb renditions of G.I. Joe's legendary frontline fighters.

These nameless, faceless Joes are the perfect army builders, so be sure to secure your set early if you don't want to miss out. Strap on your backpack, prepare for action and get ready to add a piece of G.I. Joe's finest to your collection!

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