NECA Unlocks The Vault: Week 2 Includes Exclusive Predator, Dungeons & Dragons, Gremlins, and More!

NECA Vault's latest reveal offers an extraordinary lineup of collectibles, from the vintage charm of a 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' lunchbox to the elusive Cloaked Berserker Predator.

NECA Unlocks The Vault: Week 2 Includes Exclusive Predator, Dungeons & Dragons, Gremlins, and More!

Another exciting Monday has arrived as NECA unlocks their Vault for the second week in a row. Building on the success of the initial launch, which featured sought-after figures from the Aliens franchise and Django Unchained, NECA continues to fuel the passion of collectors with these weekly exclusive releases.

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Remember, these drops are scheduled every Monday in January at noon EST, offering a unique opportunity to acquire rare items. NECA's commitment to collectors is further highlighted by their special offer of $9.99 flat rate shipping for all domestic in-stock orders, making these rare finds more accessible.

NECA has wisely limited purchases to one of each Vault product per customer, ensuring a fair chance for as many fans as possible to add these treasures to their collections.

Here is what has been unlocked in week 2:

Dungeons & Dragons - Lost Wave 4" Scale Action Figures 4 Pack (2022 Con Exclusive) ($99.99)

Relive the fantasy with these 'lost' Dungeons & Dragons figures. The 4-pack includes Pulvereye, Skylla, Kelek, and Valkeer, each equipped with signature weapons and "Battlematic" action, all packaged in an outer logo box.

This set is still available to buy now for only $99.99.

Gremlins 2 - Ultimate Showgirl Greta 7” Scale Action Figure (2023 Con Exclusive)

Greta Gremlin from 'Gremlins 2: The New Batch' returns in showgirl attire. This 6-inch figure features a fabric dress, synthetic hair, interchangeable hands, and a feather boa, presented in a window box with an opening front flap.

Greta can be yours for only $49.99 from the Neca Vault store.

Alf – Cosmic Con Alf 7” Scale Action Figure (2023 Con Exclusive)

Experience the fun of Melmac Cosmic Con with this unique ALF action figure. This 2023 Con Exclusive comes loaded with accessories like a video camera, photo camera, cell phone, vacation shirt, sunglasses, and more. Packaged in a collector-friendly window box, it's a must-have for fans.

Alf can be added to your collection for only $39.99 from the Neca Vault store.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Bounty Law Collectible Lunchbox ($399.99 - SOLD OUT)

Dive into Quentin Tarantino's cinematic world with this metal lunchbox from his movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." The lunchbox, reminiscent of the 1960s era, features the fictional NBC hit 'Bounty Law' starring Jake Cahill (Rick Dalton). It includes a 12-ounce thermos and is perfect for display, measuring 8.5 x 7 x 3.5 inches.

The lunch box was given to the cast and crew of the film and a very limited amount was offered to NECA fans (around 15 in total). These sold out within 15 minutes of going live.

You can check out the listing, priced at $399.99, on the Neca store.

Predator - Cloaked Berserker Predator 7" Scale Action Figure (2010 Con Exclusive) ($29.99 -SOLD OUT)

The ultimate hunter becomes even more elusive with this completely translucent, 8-inch Cloaked Berserker Predator figure. A prized 2010 Con Exclusive, it boasts over 20 points of articulation and a removable wrist blade.

This one has also sold out, considering the age and priced at only $29.99, it went within 20 minutes of going live.

Stay tuned for the latest updates as NECA continues to unlock the vault for another two weeks!

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