NECA Unlocks The Vault: Banned Django Unchained Set Sells Out Instantly

The banned Neca Django Unchained Doll set was released yet again, albeit briefly, 11 years on from when they were last found on store shelves.

NECA Unlocks The Vault: Banned Django Unchained Set Sells Out Instantly

Following the Alien figures release in NECA's Vault opening event, the spotlight fell on a very special and unexpected drop: The Django Unchained 6 Figure Bundle.

Known for its exceptional rarity (more on that shortly), the set is a collector's dream, typically commanding a price of around $4,000 on the secondary market. In a bold move, NECA offered this prized collection for 'just' $999.99 (the original RRP was $39.99 each!).

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The set includes 8" dolls of iconic characters like Candie, Stephen, Django, Broomhilda, Ace, and Dr. King Schultz. Each figure boasts tailored Western clothing and comes complete with authentic weapons and accessories.

Back in 2013, these figures became rare collectibles after the Weinstein Company, in response to activist groups, halted their sale due to concerns over their portrayal of slavery. This decision, made in the name of sensitivity, stands in stark contrast to the subsequent revelations about Harvey Weinstein, casting a retrospective irony on the company's stance. Nevertheless, the figures were pulled and the values skyrocketed.

Despite the excitement of seeing these figures listed in the NECA Vault store, the stock seemed to vanish instantly. You can, of course, keep an eye on the listing and hope for a cancellation or a brief restock, however unlikely.

As NECA continues to unveil treasures from its vault every Monday, collectors remain on the edge of their seats. The Django Unchained set was certainly unexpected, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

For more information, visit NECA's online store.

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