Mezco Toys Unveils New Damien Living Dead Doll

Preorder the eerie Mezco Damien Living Dead Doll for $120; shipping starts October 2024.

Mezco Toys Unveils New Damien Living Dead Doll

For those of you who thrive on the thrill of adding uniquely eerie pieces to your collection, Mezco Toys has just unveiled a doll that might just be your next must-have... or your next nightmare. Introducing the Return of Living Dead Dolls Damien 10-Inch Doll.

Yes, Damien is back, and according to the folks at Mezco, he’s "newer, top-tier, and deader than ever." This isn't your typical doll. Damien comes with a backstory that's as chilling as his vacant stare: a soulless lad, pronounced D.O.A., but defiantly rising from the dead.

This mischievous schoolboy is outfitted with an array of interchangeable parts designed to amplify his creepy factor. Owners will find two "Death Mask" face plates, two hairstyles, and two sets of glass-like eyes that transition from empty to a soul-piercing glare. And, true to his backstory, Damien dons a classic schoolboy uniform, complete with an array of accessories that includes a slingshot, half of a broken ruler, and a stack of three books bound by leather straps.

But the real kicker? Damien is engineered for interactivity, featuring 18 points of articulation and five interchangeable hands, allowing for a variety of posing options. Whether you're aiming to recreate scenes of eerie stillness or mischievous antics, Damien is your boy.

He's packaged in a coffin-shaped box, just in case you had any doubts about his undead status. For doll collectors, horror enthusiasts, or fans of the Living Dead Dolls series, Damien could be the perfect addition to your, likely already, creepy shelf.

Standing approximately 10-inches tall, he does look fantastic, and maybe, just maybe, a harbinger of nightmares. I'll admit, dolls were never really my thing—too many childhood fears of porcelain figures coming to life in the dark. And Damien, with his purposefully crafted creepiness, is the kind of doll that would have been too much for me. But, if you're the type who finds beauty in the bizarre, Damien might just be the doll for you. Just don't come running to me if he starts moving around at night!

In all seriousness, Mezco Toys has outdone themselves with this latest release in the Living Dead Dolls series. It's clear a lot of thought went into creating a doll that's a lot of fun for the horror audience.

So, if eerie, detailed, and dead-on-the-inside is your aesthetic, Damien awaits his spot in your collection. Just remember—you've been warned!

You can preorder Damien now on Entertainment Earth for $120. Shipping is expected in October 2024.

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