Unleash the Villainous Power of McFarlane Toys Brainiac from Injustice 2!

Lock in your McFarlane Toys Brainiac figure for only $22.99! Shipping is expected in November 2023.

Unleash the Villainous Power of McFarlane Toys Brainiac from Injustice 2!

Get ready to experience the malevolent brilliance of Brainiac, one of the universe's deadliest villains! From the planet frequently known as Colu, Brainiac's insatiable quest for unique knowledge makes him a formidable opponent. And now, you can bring that menacing intellect into your collection.

Pre-order McFarlane Toys Brainiac from Injustice 2 for just $22.99, available on Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Standing at 7 inches, this exceptionally detailed figure mirrors Brainiac's appearance in the popular video game Injustice 2. The figure comes designed with Ultra Articulation, featuring 22 moving parts, offering a full range of dynamic poses.

Brainiac comes equipped with tentacles, a base, and, of course, a collectible art card that features Brainiac’s character art on the front and detailed biography on the back.

For Brainiac, knowledge is power, and that power is exclusively his. This collectible represents not just Brainiac's appearance but his core essence: his unyielding pursuit of knowledge, no matter the cost. It's a perfect addition for any fan who wants to capture the ruthlessness and cunning of one of DC's most iconic villains.

It's a really cool figure and one you don’t want to miss out on. Order your McFarlane Toys Brainiac figure now on Amazon & Entertainment Earth, and delve into the chilling mind of a villain whose intelligence is his deadliest weapon.

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