McFarlane's New Batman Figures Drop Today on Leap Year Day!

Leap into the world of Gotham with McFarlane's latest Batman figures, dropping today this Leap Year Day. Don't miss your chance to preorder these in-demand figures.

McFarlane's New Batman Figures Drop Today on Leap Year Day!

McFarlane Toys' new Batman figures are releasing for preorder today, 29th February! It's the one fans have been waiting for, with the release of Batman from Detective Comics #27 (1st appearance), Batman: Knightfall (Black & Grey), and Azreal Batman: KnightsEnd.

All three figures are now available to preorder for only $22.99 each:

Shipping is expected in May 2024.

Let's dive into the first looks of these incredible figures. Each stands at the usual 7" tall, boasting ultra articulation and is likely to come with a collectible art card and accessories.

Batman from Detective Comics #27 (1st Appearance)

First of all, we pay homage to where it all began with Batman from Detective Comics #27, featuring his first-ever appearance. This figure is a nod to Batman's origins, complete with the iconic pink gloves that fans will love.

What sets this figure apart is the material wire cape, which is a significant upgrade from the usual plastic capes we're accustomed to. This choice not only adds to the figure's aesthetic but also provides a more dynamic and realistic portrayal of the Dark Knight. It's a beautiful blend of nostalgia and innovation, capturing Batman's debut in the comic world.

McFarlane Batman Detective Comics #27 is available to preorder on Entertainment Earth and Amazon for only $22.99.

Batman: Knightfall (Black & Grey)

Next, the black and grey Batman from Knightfall is a classic reimagined. This figure brings to life the legendary Batman with a modern twist, featuring his iconic yellow belt and Batarang. While it's debatable whether Batman wore black and grey during Knightfall, there's no denying that this figure looks absolutely stunning.

The attention to detail and the classic aesthetic make this Batman a standout piece. It's a testament to the timeless appeal of the Dark Knight, proving that some looks never go out of style.

McFarlane Batman: Knightfall is available to preorder on Entertainment Earth and Amazon for only $22.99.

Azrael Batman: KnightsEnd

Lastly, we have the Azrael Batman from KnightsEnd, a figure that truly stands out with its Crimson and Gold armour. The armour is meticulously designed, reflecting Azrael's intimidating presence in the Batman universe.

The combination of Crimson and Gold not only looks regal but also gives off a powerful aura that's impossible to ignore. Azrael looks fantastic, embodying the knight ready for battle, making him a must-have for any collector.

McFarlane Azrael Batman: KnightsEnd is available to preorder on Entertainment Earth and Amazon for only $29.99.

With their availability for preorder on Entertainment Earth and Amazon soon, be sure to keep an eye out, as they're due to drop any minute now. Given their expected popularity, I'd recommend snagging one while you can.

Happy collecting!

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