McFarlane Toys Brings Mister Zsasz's Killer Eyes to Life - Preorder Now

Preorder Mister Zsasz exclusively at McFarlane Toys Store for $22.99 - shipping May 2024.

McFarlane Toys Brings Mister Zsasz's Killer Eyes to Life - Preorder Now

McFarlane Toys are bringing something chillingly spectacular from the shadowy corners of Gotham City. Meet the newest addition to your collection: the Mister Zsasz Gold Label Series action figure.

You can preorder McFarlane's Mister Zsasz for only $22.99 exclusively at McFarlane Toy Store.

Mister Zsasz, Gotham’s eerily serene serial killer, has always been a character that fascinated and horrified in equal measure. His chilling backstory—a tumble from privileged life to a grim epiphany through the despairing depths of Gotham’s underworld—paints a portrait of a man lost to his own macabre form of enlightenment.

The man who once had everything now finds his only solace in the act of killing, marking each sinister triumph on his own flesh.

McFarlane Toys have taken a creative leap by giving Mister Zsasz those sharp, triangle, black eyes that extrude from his face - mimicking the cold, lethal edge of a blade.

This design choice pays homage to the 90's comic style that has caused much debate. Whether you love or hate the eyes, you can't argue that it accentuates Zsasz’s menacing aura in a way that's utterly captivating. Or maybe you think he's just wearing a pair of pointy Ray-Bans?

Staying true to the character, McFarlane Toys didn't shy away from including the marks on Mister Zsasz's body either, each one a testament to his grim hobby. These marks are the deeply unsettling victim count and a reminder of Zsasz's love for killing. He's not in it for fame, money, or a vendetta against Batman; his motivations are far simpler and infinitely more disturbing. It's this disquieting purity in his desire to kill that makes him a compelling figure both in the comics and as a collectible.

In your hands, the figure comes complete with a knife and collectible art card, featuring character art and a biography.

The Mister Zsasz Gold Label Series action figure is a great addition to your collection, ready to tally up his place among your Gotham villians!

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