McFarlane's Grinning Nightmare Sells Out in Minutes

McFarlane's The Joker Comedian Sketch Autograph Gold Label Action Figure has already sold out. Missed the Autograph Series? The non-autograph version still promises a piece of the mayhem.

McFarlane's Grinning Nightmare Sells Out in Minutes

In a now-familiar frenzy, the online Entertainment Earth Exclusive DC Multiverse The Joker Comedian Sketch Autograph Gold Label 7-Inch Scale Action Figure was sold out in mere minutes!

The Joker Comedian Sketch Autograph Gold Label figure, limited to an edition of just 510 pieces and autographed by renowned comic artist Jason Fabok, went live exclusively on Entertainment Earth and, true to form, was snapped up almost instantly.

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You can, however, still purchase the non-autograph version, which is also an Entertainment Earth Exclusive, for only $29.99.

Wielding a crowbar and camera to document his malevolent misdeeds, this embodiment of chaos remains a coveted figure in the DC Multiverse collection.

Each figure also comes with an exclusive art card, with one side graced by an original sketch of The Joker by Jason Fabok, while the other side flaunts a numbered certificate of authenticity. If you were lucky to snag the autographed version, that certificate will be signed by Jason Fabok himself.

While the autographed series is renowned for its rapid sales, the lightning pace at which this Comedian was claimed was still something to behold. Those who are familiar know the chase of exclusivity these artist-signed pieces present, but only a select few can boast of capturing them.

Celebrated artist Jason Fabok, with a decade-long legacy at DC Comics, is the visionary behind this Joker's design. His iconic illustrations, especially from the 2020 limited series "Batman: Three Jokers," continue to captivate fans globally.

The Joker, having once been a mere small-time crook, was reborn into the notorious, laughing villain of Gotham after a fateful chemical accident. His antics, always tinged with dark humour and morbid punchlines, remain a unique brand of terror. Astonishingly, recent revelations hint at three distinct Jokers haunting Gotham, with "The Comedian" being the most cunning and devious among them.

If you managed to snag the Autograph Series, then I tip my jester's cap to you. For those who missed out, the non-autograph version serves as a solid consolation.

Either way, Gotham's most infamous clown leaves his mark yet again.

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