McFarlane's Drawing Board: Spawn Batman Statue Now Live

Unveiled at $500 and limited to 500 pieces, the 24" Spawn Batman Comic Resin Statue is now available for pre-order exclusively on McFarlane Toys' new Drawing Board platform.

McFarlane's Drawing Board: Spawn Batman Statue Now Live

McFarlane Toys has revealed all the details of Drawing Board crowdfunding platform, with the first project now live.

The platform kicks off with an awe-inspiring 24" Spawn Batman Comic Resin Statue, now available for pre-order at $500. Limited to just 500 pieces, this collector's item is perfect for someone who wants a showstopping piece in their collection.

For enthusiasts eager to secure this exclusive statue, McFarlane Toys offers four reward tiers, each including the statue. The top tier rewards the first 50 backers with a Batman Spawn Gold Exclusive Comic, autographed by Todd McFarlane himself. Subsequent rewards include limited editions and exclusive comics, catering to 100 and 150 backers, respectively, with the final 200 slots offering the statue on its own.

Interested collectors can purchase multiple statues, provided each is in a separate transaction. Although the estimated shipping date is set for October 2024, the production of each statue is expected to take between 4-6 months. McFarlane Toys also accommodates international fans, with international shipping available at an additional cost.

If you're a fan of Spawn and Batman looking to add a magnificent piece to your collection, seize this opportunity. Visit Drawing Board today and be part of this unique crowdfunding experience.

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