First Look: McFarlane Toys Unveils Azrael Batman Knightsend Action Figure

McFarlane Toys' highly anticipated Azrael (Batman Armor) figure from the Knightsend collection launches its pre-order on the rare date of February 29th. Here's a first look at what's to come.

First Look: McFarlane Toys Unveils Azrael Batman Knightsend Action Figure

McFarlane Toys has just lifted the curtain on a new figure that's poised to command space on your shelves. The Azrael (Batman Armor) from the celebrated Batman: Knightsend saga is arriving in stunning detail as a 7" scale figure, with pre-orders launching today on the rare date of February 29th at select retailers.

It's available to preoreder now for only $22.99:

Azrael Batman: KnightsEnd - Entertainment Earth / Amazon

This first look reveals a figure that is nothing short of spectacular, capturing the very essence of the Knightsend storyline. The armour, emblazoned with the signature red and gold, mirrors Azrael’s ascent as he donned the cowl of Batman to protect Gotham in his own brutal manner.

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McFarlane Toys has left no stone unturned in bringing this character to life. From the serrated wings to the gauntlets, each aspect of the figure has been crafted with an eye for detail, promising to make it a standout piece. The intensity of Azrael’s stance is palpable, ready to dispatch justice in the most uncompromising way possible.

Set against a backdrop of brooding skies and electric storms, the figure’s first look sets the stage for the drama that unfolded in Gotham during the Knightsend narrative. The gargoyle-strewn pedestal evokes the grim elegance of the city’s skyline, a fitting foundation for a character as complex and driven as Azrael. It's just a badass first look!

For those who might be new to the name, Azrael is a character laced with intrigue and depth. His arc from the angel of vengeance to the man behind the mask of Batman is a story rich with conflict, redemption, and the struggle for identity.

Mark the date, set your alarms, and prepare to add a slice of the Knightsend saga to your collection with the Azrael (Batman Armor) figure. Stay tuned to for further updates and links to secure this exquisite figure for your own. The countdown to February 29th begins now - don't miss your chance to own a piece of Knightsend lore.

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