McFarlane Toys Steps Into Crowdfunding With 'Drawing Board'

McFarlane Toys launches the Drawing Board crowdfunding platform, featuring a stunning, over 24-inch tall Spawn/Batman statue as its first project. Launches April 11 2024.

McFarlane Toys Steps Into Crowdfunding With 'Drawing Board'

McFarlane Toys marks its 30th anniversary with a grand reveal and re-launch of the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club, introducing an all-new crowdfunding platform: Drawing Board.

McFarlane's first Drawing Board campaign is now live for funding.

Scheduled to launch on April 11th, Drawing Board's debut crowdfund features an awe-inspiring resin statue that captures the iconic 1994 Spawn/Batman comic cover.

The sneak peek provided by McFarlane Toys gives us a glimpse into the sheer detail and craftsmanship that has gone into creating this piece. Standing over 24 inches tall, the statue showcases Spawn and Batman in that same 1994 dynamic fighting pose, leaping from a Gothic rooftop – with details of the meticulous, hand-painted process that will bring each statue to life. The attention to detail is evident, and the preview confirms that the final product will be a high-ticket item!

We're all eager for the details before the April 11th launch, like cost and crowdfunding goals. The statue looks fantastic, but I'm really hoping this Drawing Board platform will bring us more premium action figures in the future. This launch could set the tone for McFarlane Toys' crowdfunding efforts, however, this statue will likely be for those with deeper pockets which does thin the fan base.

The McFarlane Collector's Club, established in 1996 by McFarlane Toys, catered exclusively to its most ardent fans and collectors, offering a platform to acquire unique, limited edition figures not available in regular retail, making it highly desirable for those seeking rare figures for their collection.

As McFarlane Toys steps into its next decade, the return of the Collector's Club and the introduction of the Drawing Board platform adds some excitement for those looking for premium items. Will the community back it up? That remains to be seen.

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