McFarlane Toys' Limited Edition Superman Action Comics #1 Resin Statue Now Available for Preorder

Seize the chance to preorder McFarlane Toys' exclusive, limited-edition Superman Action Comics #1 Resin Statue, now available at a price of $500.

McFarlane Toys' Limited Edition Superman Action Comics #1 Resin Statue Now Available for Preorder

McFarlane Toys showed off their impressive Superman Action Comics #1 Resin Statue at SDCC this year. A tribute to the world's most iconic superhero, this work of art is the perfect way to celebrate Superman's 85th anniversary.

Created in the image of the legendary cover artwork of Action Comics #1, the statue depicts Superman's first-ever appearance in all its glory. Each piece has been meticulously crafted from high-quality polyresin and is based on the original design that marks the debut of the world's favourite Kryptonian.

Exclusively available through the McFarlane Toys Store, each statue stands at a towering height of 17" and is hand-numbered at the base. With only 500 of these in existence, and a $500 price tag, the rarity and exclusivity of this item are undeniable.

However, as the old adage goes, quality comes at a price. This piece isn't aimed at casual buyers; its cost could indeed make it a slower seller. I do often find higher-end statues, albeit impressive pieces of art, finding themselves discounted months after release.

If you were unsure about purchasing at this price tag, there's always the chance that slower sales due to the steep price may lead to eventual discounts, providing a more palatable price point if you're willing to take the sell-out gamble.

It's a cool statue, I would happily have it sitting in my office, but there are other collectibles I would prefer to spend my $500 on. Superman or comic aficionados may see this as a must-buy, fitting perfectly into their collections. More power to you if you fit into that category, it will be a seriously cool piece to own.

All said and done, the Superman Action Comics #1 Resin Statue is a testament to the enduring appeal of Superman, encapsulating the grandeur and majesty of the superhero in an impressive work of art. Whether or not you decide to add it to your collection is up to you. But one thing's for sure: it's a stunning piece that pays homage to the rich history of Superman, and it's sure to be a conversation starter in any collection.

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