McFarlane Toys Launches Batman Hush Figure in Black and Grey

Preorder the Batman (Hush) (Black & Grey) Action Figure, and be the first to own this tribute to the Caped Crusader’s relentless pursuit of justice. Available for just $39.99, this collectible figure will start shipping in October 2023.

McFarlane Toys Launches Batman Hush Figure in Black and Grey

McFarlane Toys latest action figure release, Batman Hush in Black & Grey, is now available to preorder from select retailers.

McFarlane Toys Batman Hush Black & Grey 7" action figure can be preordered from Amazon and Entertainment Earth for only $19.99.

In his relentless pursuit of justice, Bruce Wayne disciplined his mind and body to reach the pinnacle of mental and physical superiority. His black & grey costume from Batman: Hush, a major storyline from the DC universe, is now immortalized in this 7” scale action figure.

This is the same mould we have seen for the first Batman Hush figure (see comparison below), just slightly more than a repaint with a change in the face (unless it's just the glam shots!). The usual Ultra Articulation design, offering up to 22 moving parts, is here along with recoloured Batarangs and hands.

A new collectible art card, featuring character art on the front, and a character biography on the back, is also included.

If you're a fan of classic Batman colours (and who isn't?), this could be a valuable addition to your collection. However, if you already have the previous Batman Hush figure and aren't particularly interested in this variant, feel free to sit this one out. You won't be missing too much.

If you can't wait to add a classic spin on Batman Hush, secure your preorder now on from Amazon and Entertainment Earth for only $19.99

Happy collecting, Bat fans!

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