McFarlane Toys Launch Black Adam 3D Wall Relief With Matching NFT

The McFarlane Toys' Black Adam 3D Wall Relief is now ready for purchase, priced at just $19.99. This exclusive piece comes complete with an NFT counterpart, adding a modern twist to your collection.

McFarlane Toys Launch Black Adam 3D Wall Relief With Matching NFT

McFarlane Toys has launched the DC Icons Black Adam 3D Wall Relief that encapsulates Dwayne Johnson's powerful portrayal of Black Adam in the blockbuster film. The piece is crafted with a faux bronze finish and is now exclusively available at McFarlane Toys Store.

You can buy the Black Adam 3D Wall Relief now for only $19.99 @ McFarlane Toys Store.

This wall relief, made of high-quality polyresin, brings Black Adam's imposing figure to life for under $20. Hand-numbered and offered as a limited edition, it's a great pick-up for a bargain price.

But the exciting news doesn't stop there! Each physical Black Adam Wall Relief comes with a digital collectible (or NFT if you prefer) – Gold, Silver, and Bronze digital variants. Gold is the highest rarity and the most desirable in this drop. You will receive the code for the digital collectable via email after the purchase.

This innovative venture is part of the new McFarlane Toys Digital platform, marking McFarlane's ambitious stride into the NFT space. Stay tuned for our well-known 'Ultimate Guide' series on McFarlane Toys Digital, unveiling the full extent of this exciting new venture.

To enjoy your digital collectible, you will need to download the McFarlane Toys Viewer App. This cutting-edge platform allows you to play, create, and share your collection with friends and the world, in breathtaking virtual environments. Now, you will truly never run out of space to expand your collection!

Don't miss the opportunity to own this distinctive Black Adam 3D Wall Relief and matching digital companion!

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