McFarlane Toys Launch Batman The Ultimate Movie Collection 6 Pack

Preorder the McFarlane Batman Ultimate Movie Collection 6-pack figure set for just $119.99. Shipping begins in September 2023.

McFarlane Toys Launch Batman The Ultimate Movie Collection 6 Pack

DC Multiverse Unveils Batman The Ultimate Movie Collection 6 Pack From McFarlane Toys Take a cinematic journey with McFarlane Toys as it announces the exclusive availability of Batman The Ultimate Movie Collection 6 pack.

Now, for just $119.99, you can secure six highly detailed 7" scale Batman figures, each paying homage to the Caped Crusader's illustrious movie history.

You can Preorder from Amazon and Entertainment Earth. We are awaiting confirmation on stock replenishment, as of now there has been no confirmation from McFarlane Toys.

Expect this collection to swoop into your hands in September 2023.

The McFarlane Batman figures represent the Batman from Justice League, The Dark Knight, Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, The Batman, and the iconic 1989 Batman. Each figure is an exquisite manifestation of Batman's various cinematic representations, and they're now available in this magnificent set (nipples and all!).

With McFarlane Toys' signature Ultra Articulation design offering up to 22 moving parts, each figure is ready for an epic action pose or simply standing guard over your collection. They really are superb renditions of Batman's legendary silver-screen appearances.

The pack includes a real light-up Bat-Signal with interchangeable discs, perfect for recreating Gotham's dark, crime-ridden nights, along with six individual bases for each figure. Also included are the usual collectible art cards for all six figures, each featuring stunning character art on the front and a concise character biography on the back.

This unique Batman 6-pack collection is in high demand since its launch, so be sure to secure your set early if you don't want to miss out. Don your cape, fire up the Bat Signal, and prepare to add a touch of Gotham City's finest to your collection.

Happy collecting, Bat fans!

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