McFarlane Toys Launch Batman & Spawn 2 Figure Pack

The McFarlane Toys' Batman & Spawn action figure 2-pack is now ready for pre-order for just $49.99. Prepare to welcome these iconic comic titans into your collection when they ship in August 2023.

McFarlane Toys Launch Batman & Spawn 2 Figure Pack

McFarlane Toys recently launched preorder availability of its newest dynamic duo, the Batman & Spawn action figures. Now, fans can add two of the most iconic comic book characters to their collection with this stunning 2 pack.

You can pre-order McFarlane Batman & Spawn 2 pack for only $49.99 on Amazon.

Entertainment Earth has already sold out of its preorder allocation.

These figures are primed to make a striking addition to any collection when they ship on August 25 2023.

Bruce Wayne, the traumatized child turned vigilante, and Al Simmons, the government agent resurrected from the depths of hell, come together in this exceptional 2-pack. Each character has been crafted with the level of detail and articulation you've come to expect from McFarlane Toys, making them a must-have for any dedicated collector.

These figures stand at the standard 7 inches and are designed with Ultra Articulation, featuring up to 22 moving parts. Whether you're orchestrating an epic face-off or showcasing them on your shelf, these figures are ready for whatever you throw at them.

Included with Batman are his extra hands and the iconic Batarang, primed for justice-seeking adventures in Gotham City. Spawn, on the other hand, is armed with a mighty sword, ready to guard the forgotten alleys of New York City. The set comes complete with a specialised base with a backdrop and two individual figure bases, ideal for creating dramatic display setups.

Like McFarlane's previous releases, each figure in the 2-pack comes with a collectible art card. The card features character art on the front and a concise character biography on the back, providing an immersive dive into Batman's relentless pursuit of justice and Spawn's tormented quest for answers.

Both these McFarlane figures look seriously cool and would be a great addition to any collection.

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