McFarlane Toys Blue Beetle Movie Figures and Statues Available In Retailers

Get ready for an exciting range of Blue Beetle Movie Figures and Statues by McFarlane Toys, now available in retailers.

McFarlane Toys Blue Beetle Movie Figures and Statues Available In Retailers

The new lineup of Blue Beetle Movie Figures & Statues from McFarlane Toys are swooping into retailers near you. This new range captures the journey of Jaime Reyes, the newest face of Blue Beetle, and provides an intimate look into his world.

The latest DC movie, Blue Beetle, will hit theatres on August 18 2023.

Let's hope we get to see the Blue Beetle Nana action figure!

Action Figures

Blue Beetle (Blue Beetle Movie) Action Figure

First up, we have the core action figure of Blue Beetle himself, priced at $19.99.

Order today from Amazon for only $19.99. Keep an eye on Entertainment Earth for a restock shortly.

First up, we have the core action figure of Blue Beetle himself. Jaime Reyes, an ordinary college graduate turned extraordinary hero, is beautifully encapsulated in a 7" scale figure. This Blue Beetle action figure is designed with the usual McFarlane Toys Ultra Articulation, featuring up to 22 moving parts for unrestricted posing and play.

As he makes his debut in his Blue Beetle movie attire, he comes equipped with an array of props including energy rings, an energy sword, and an energy construct. Plus, each figure comes with a collectible art card showcasing striking character art on the front and an engaging biography on the back, inviting fans to delve deeper into Jaime's intriguing journey.

Blue Beetle Battle Mode Action Figure

Next in the lineup is the Blue Beetle in his formidable Battle Mode, also priced at $19.99.

Order today from Amazon and Entertainment Earth for only $19.99.

This version of Blue Beetle presents Jaime suited up and ready for battle, complete with extra hands and wings.

This 7" scale figure also includes the standard 22 moving parts, but really we don't need to mention that as it's the exact same figure as the core offering, with a different set of accessories. Should it have been one figure rather than two? Well, that's up for debate. One figure with all the accessories would push the price higher as a deluxe offering, so at least you can pick and choose at a lower price point, or end up with two figures as opposed to one for a likely similar price.

Each Battle Mode figure packs an art card that exhibits captivating character art and chronicles Blue Beetle's transformation.

Carapax Action Figure

The series wouldn't be complete without the war-hardened lieutenant, Carapax, priced at $39.99.

Order today from Amazon and Entertainment Earth for $39.99.

This Megafig towers over his counterparts at an impressive 11.25" tall. Carapax's life under the armour is intricately detailed, resonating with the depth and complexity of his character.

He comes complete with a swappable pair of hands, a figure base, and the usual collectible art card, giving fans a glimpse into his past battles and the strength beneath his virtually indestructible armour. I do wish he comes with more accessories to justify the $39.99 price tag, but he does look pretty cool, at least to someone who isn't invested in the character.


Blue Beetle 12" Statue

On the statues' front, we have the striking Blue Beetle 12" statue priced at $39.99.

Order today from Amazon and Entertainment Earth for $39.99.

This statue figure perfectly portrays the Blue Beetle in full colour, mirroring his look in the upcoming movie. It's a great piece for those who want to commemorate Blue Beetle's journey from an ordinary college graduate to a formidable superhero.

Blue Beetle 12" Resin Statue

Saving the very best for last, the Blue Beetle 12" Resin Statue, priced at $249.99, caters to those looking for a premium option.

Preorder today from Amazon and Entertainment Earth for $249.99. Shipping is expected between November - December 2023.

Made from Cold Cast Resin, this statue showcases high-end deco and sculpting details of Blue Beetle. The Blue Beetle logo serves as the statue's base, adding a distinguished touch to this exquisite piece.

So, whether you're a Blue Beetle diehard or a newbie to Jaime Reyes' scene, these McFarlane Toys figures and statues are a fantastic way to dive into the story.

Regardless of how the movie performs, especially with DC Studios' recent track record on the big screen not filling us with confidence, there are some nice designs to enjoy here and I think McFarlane Toys has done well with the line-up.

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