McFarlane Toys Batman White Knight Sketch Gold Label Action Figure Now Available!

Preorder McFarlane Toys Batman White Knight Sketch Gold Label Action figure for only $29.99, exclusively from Entertainment Earth.

McFarlane Toys Batman White Knight Sketch Gold Label Action Figure Now Available!

Gotham City's iconic protector takes on a new monochromatic guise in McFarlane Toys' latest creation - Batman White Knight Sketch Edition Gold Label Action Figure, exclusively available at Entertainment Earth.

You can preorder now from Entertainment Earth for only $29.99. There are only 3k pieces, so be quick if you want to secure one. Shipping is expected in October 2023.

This limited edition action figure brings the pages of Batman: White Knight to life, showcasing the Caped Crusader in a unique artist-sketch deco. The sketch editions can be a little hit or miss for me, but I'm really digging this one! Designed as a homage to Sean Murphy's acclaimed artwork, this one really knocks it out of the park.

Standing at the usual 7", this fully articulated Batman figure allows for a wide range of dynamic poses. From the chiselled contours of the Caped Crusader's chin to the folds in his flowing cape, the detail looks great. With a grapnel launcher, Batarang with line, and wrapped Batarang with line, this figure is armed and ready for action.

The included art card, featuring a detailed sketch of Batman, also flips to a numbered certificate of authenticity on the rear side. An art card stand lets you display either side next to the figure.

To package it all up, Batman comes encased in deluxe window-box packaging, the figure's strong contrasts between light and dark are accentuated, making it a showpiece whether in or out of the box.

The backdrop of Batman: White Knight sets the stage for this unique figure. In a twist of fate, the Joker has been cured of his madness and now stands as an ally for good in Gotham City. As Batman grapples with this unexpected change, the narrative takes a thrilling turn that pushes the Dark Knight to the brink of his own sanity.

Don't miss your chance to bring this inked-up embodiment of Bruce Wayne to your collection and order from Entertainment Earth today for only $29.99.

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