McFarlane Music Maniacs Alice Cooper Action Figure: Preorders Now Live

Alice Cooper joins McFarlane Toys Music Maniacs! Pre-orders are available now, don't miss out.

McFarlane Music Maniacs Alice Cooper Action Figure: Preorders Now Live

Rock and roll enthusiasts and collectors alike, mark your calendars! McFarlane Toys has just teased a thrilling addition to their Music Maniacs series. The legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper is set to join the illustrious lineup, and we've got your first look right here.

The McFarlane Alice Cooper Action Figure is now available on Amazon for only $24.99!

McFarlane Toys Alice Cooper Action Figure

McFarlane Toys shared a sneak peek of the Alice Cooper action figure earlier in the week and is now available to pre-order. The figure will likely be available on Entertainment Earth shortly.

The image release showcases a 6" scale Alice Cooper action figure, strikingly articulated and poised to bring the rock icon to life. Complete with his signature snake and a studded hat, this figure captures the unique flair and theatrical presence of Alice Cooper.

He is equipped with a microphone, snake, stand, and a collectible art card. I do wish he included a swappable head option for a more animated expression than the one provided; nonetheless, it's undeniably a cool figure.

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For those somehow unfamiliar, Alice Cooper is a pioneer of shock rock, combining rock music with a spectacular and theatrical live performance that includes props, costumes, and a host of visual effects. Adding Alice to the Music Maniacs lineup is a welcome development, building upon the legacy of the original McFarlane Alice Cooper action figure released at the turn of the millennium.

The original McFarlane Toys Alice Cooper Figure

This figure is an opportunity not to be missed for those looking to add a touch of rock and roll rebellion to their collection. McFarlane Toys continues to impress with their dedication to capturing the spirit of music legends, and the Alice Cooper figure is another great example.

Don't forget to follow us for more updates and sneak peeks at upcoming releases in the Music Maniacs series and beyond. Rock on, and happy collecting!

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