Boom! McFarlane Super Powers Wave 5 Launched, Including Whirly Bat Batman's Copter!

Preorder the McFarlane Super Powers Wave 5 collection and soar to new heights with these nostalgic additions to your superhero stash.

Boom! McFarlane Super Powers Wave 5 Launched, Including Whirly Bat Batman's Copter!

Are you ready to rev up your superhero collection? McFarlane Toys is taking us back to the golden era with its latest release, inspired by the classic DC Super Powers line from the 1980s.

McFarlane Super Powers Wave 5 action-packed figures are now up for grabs on preorder, set to ship this November!

Super Powers Batman Black Suit Variant

Bruce Wayne isn't just fighting crime; he's a dark knight draped in a black suit, just as we remember him.

This 4-inch scale figure comes with about 5 points of articulation and a fabric cape. You'll feel the nostalgia just by looking at the iconic blister card packaging. Batman says it best: "I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!"

Price and Preorder: The figure can be preordered from Amazon or Entertainment Earth for just $9.99.

Super Powers Robin Tim Drake Variant

"Great shades of Elvis, Batman!" Tim Drake is back in action with detective skills that rival those of the Dark Knight.

This 4-inch Robin figure features a black fabric cape and that good old blister card packaging.

Price and Preorder: Yours for just $9.99 from Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

Super Powers Superman Reborn

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no—it's Superman Reborn! Faster than a speeding bullet, this Man of Steel figure is perfect for fans who appreciate the classics.

The 4-inch figure comes with a soft fabric cape, which is an excellent touch.

Price and Preorder: Preorder from Amazon or Entertainment Earth for $9.99.

Super Powers The Flash Opposites Attract

Wally West isn't just fast; he's an enigma wrapped in a speed force.

This 4-inch Flash figure encapsulates Wally’s complex existence, from Kid Flash to The Flash, and even his journeys through different planes of existence.

Price and Preorder: Dash to Amazon or Entertainment Earth to grab yours for $9.99.

Super Powers Thomas Wayne Batman Flashpoint

In a reality where Bruce Wayne perishes and his parents survive, Thomas Wayne takes up the mantle as the Batman of the Flashpoint timeline.

This 4-inch figure will remind you of the emotional weight carried by this alternate Batman.

Price and Preorder: Get it from Amazon or Entertainment Earth for $9.99.

Super Powers Nightwing Knightfall

Say hello to Nightwing! Dick Grayson is out to prove he’s more than just Batman's former sidekick.

This 4-inch figure includes 2 Escrima sticks, perfect for taking down foes.

Price and Preorder: Available from Amazon or Entertainment Earth for $9.99.

Super Powers Peacemaker, Judo Master, and Vigilante 3 Pack

Ready for some serious action? This pack of three heroes is perfect for any collector. From Peacemaker’s paradoxical fight for peace to Vigilante’s martial art prowess, and Judo Master's unmatched skill in hand-to-hand combat—this pack has it all.

Price and Preorder: Snag this trio for $29.99 from Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

And Now, The Whirly Bat Batman's Aerial Pursuit Copter!

Batman and Robin can now take their crime-fighting to the skies!

The Whirly Bat Copter is a lightweight, nimble helicopter perfect for zipping between Gotham's skyscrapers. Compatible with both new and old DC Super Powers figures, this is a must-have vehicle for any fan.

Price and Preorder: This fantastic vehicle can be preordered from Amazon or Entertainment Earth for just $19.99.

Our Top Picks

I'm absolutely thrilled about the Whirly Bat Copter and can't wait to pair it with the classic black suit Batman.

As of the last 24 hours, Batman has swooped into the 5th spot on Amazon's Toys and Games bestseller list. Hot on his heels, the action-packed 3-pack of Peacemaker, Judo Master, and Vigilante lands at 8th place. And let's not overlook the Boy Wonder—Robin, who nabs the 10th spot, followed closely by Nightwing in 11th.

Whatever you decide, it's clear that the McFarlane Super Powers Wave 5 lineup is making waves not just among fans but also in the broader toy market. If these Amazon rankings are any indication, now might be the perfect time to lock in your favourites before they're gone!

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