McFarlane Toys Unveils Badass Lobo & Spacehog Gold Label Set - Preorders Live

Preorders are now live for McFarlane Toys' Lobo & Spacehog Gold Label Set exclusively on Amazon. Don't miss it!

McFarlane Toys Unveils Badass Lobo & Spacehog Gold Label Set - Preorders Live

McFarlane Toys are bringing the heat! The badass-looking Lobo & Spacehog Gold Label Set is dropping for pre-order on October 27th, exclusively on Amazon.

The Amazon listing is now live and can be pre-ordered for $69.99.

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McFarlane's dropped this badass set and it's not just Lobo and his rad Spacehog we're getting. Dawg, Lobo's loyal sidekick, is part of the package too. It's like hitting the motherlode on a bounty hunt!

For those who love the little extras (who doesn't?), McFarlane Toys has packed Lobo with chain and guitar accessories – totally fitting for Lobo's rockstar vibes. And if you're into mixing things up, there's an alternate full-on rock head in there to switch up Lobo's look.

Now, some of you might remember McFarlane Toys' Lobo figure from 2021. It was pretty cool, but there was that slightly off-putting white face. Here's hoping they've tweaked that this time around for a more on-point Lobo look.

If you're all about adding some badassery to your collection, the Lobo & Spacehog Gold Label set is a must-have. Pre-orders are now live and only on Amazon, with shipping expected on January 15, 2024.

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