McFarlane Toys Revives The Jokermobile After 2017 Cancellation

The Jokermobile has finally been released, seven years later, by McFarlane Toys. Preorder exclusively from Target for $59.99.

McFarlane Toys Revives The Jokermobile After 2017 Cancellation

McFarlane Toys has brought The Jokermobile back from the depths of cancellation. Destined to shine at the 2017 SDCC as part of the DC Collectibles lineup, The Jokermobile, along with eagerly awaited figures like Bumblebee and Supergirl from the Bombshells collection, faced an unexpected cancellation. This left fans yearning for the villainous vehicle.

Fast forward to today, and fortune has favoured the jester! McFarlane Toys has resurrected The Jokermobile, turning dashed hopes into reality. With its sleek design, the vehicle captures the Clown Prince of Crime in all his chaotic glory. Its light-up features—a mischievous smile on the hood, glowing eyes and teeth—promise to illuminate any collection, bringing a slice of Gotham's madness right to your shelf.

The 2017 Jokermobile

Now you can flip the script on Batman, allowing the Joker to have his way, using his iconic vehicle to outsmart Batman and set the stage for his most audacious escapades yet! Designed to accommodate most 6" figures from McFarlane's Batman: The Animated Series line, you can bring a whole gang of villainous figures to ride alongside him!

Light Up Interior

The only negative is that this is a Target exclusive, but it can be pre-ordered now for $59.99 - with shipping expected in May 2024. It's an easy pickup for fans, so let the chaos ensue and the adventures begin, as The Jokermobile finally hits the streets of your collection!

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