McFarlane Toys Jim Gordon as Batman (Batman: Endgame) – Preorder Now!

Preorder the McFarlane Toys Jim Gordon Batman figure for just $19.99! Shipping is expected between October and November.

McFarlane Toys Jim Gordon as Batman (Batman: Endgame) – Preorder Now!

Witness a twist in Gotham's tale as Jim Gordon dons the mantle of Batman! With Bruce Wayne missing, the city's trusted Commissioner is tasked to step into the void, leading the Batman Task Force and taking to the streets not just as an enforcer but as the Batman himself.

Preorder McFarlane Toys Jim Gordon as Batman (Batman: Endgame) for only $19.99 on Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Standing at 7 inches, this McFarlane Toys figure showcases Jim Gordon in the mechanized suit he endearingly names "Rookie". Based on the DC Multiverse, Jim Gordon Batman features the standard Ultra Articulation with an impressive 22 moving parts, ensuring cool poses and fun play.

Equip this unique Batman with the included Batarang launcher and alternate his looks with 6 additional hands and an extra head. As always, this McFarlane toy comes with a collectible art card, adorning character art on the front and an informative character biography on the rear.

Batman: Endgame is not just a plot twist but a testament to the resilience of Gotham and its heroes. As the narrative takes a deep dive into duty, sacrifice, and unexpected transitions, fans and collectors are promised a figurine that encapsulates this riveting epoch in Batman's journey.

Secure this McFarlane Toy Jim Gordon Batman figure while stocks last. Dive deep into Gotham's evolving saga and add Jim Gordon's Batman to your collection!

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