Ignite Your Collection: McFarlane Azrael Sketch Edition Figure Now Available for Preorder

Pre-orders for the McFarlane Azrael Sketch Edition figure, complete with its detachable flaming sword and striking monochrome finish, are now open. Secure yours today for only $29.99.

Ignite Your Collection: McFarlane Azrael Sketch Edition Figure Now Available for Preorder

McFarlane Toys is dropping the Azrael Curse of the White Knight Sketch Gold Label Action Figure, only available at Entertainment Earth. This release stands out for its distinctive artistic approach and significance in the Batman lore, offering fans and collectors a unique addition to their displays.

McFarlane Azrael Curse of the White Knight Sketch Gold Label action figure is available only at Entertainment Earth for $29.99. Limited to just 3100 pieces, shipping is expected in April 2024.

Azrael, a character steeped in complexity, emerges as a war veteran, a knight of the Order of St. Dumas, and a pivotal figure in The Joker's crusade against Batman. His transformation into one of the Dark Knight's most daunting foes and the bearer of a chilling secret about the Wayne family's legacy in Gotham City is masterfully captured in this action figure.

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The figure is adorned with an exclusive sketch-edition deco, showcasing a freshly sketched version of the character. Ok, some love this style and some hate it, but either way, you do get a unique-looking action figure. The design extends to the packaging, with each figure coming with an art card that features Azrael's formidable appearance on one side and a numbered certificate of authenticity on the other.

Armed with a flaming sword featuring a detachable flame effect, Azrael stands ready to spark the imaginations of enthusiasts. While additional accessories would enhance its appeal, the striking contrast between the figure's monochrome sketch finish and the fiery orange of the sword is particularly eye-catching.

Encased in designer window-box packaging that also includes an exclusive card stand and a Batman logo display base, the figure can be displayed either in or out of the box. The limited edition run of 3,100 pieces adds an element of exclusivity, making it a sought-after item for collectors.

Don't miss the chance to secure Azrael, a testament to the enduring allure of Gotham's most enigmatic figures.

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