McFarlane Dune Part 2 Drop: New Figures & Chance to Win A Piece Of Chani's Costume!

Exciting news for Dune fans: preorders for McFarlane's latest Dune figures are now live! Secure your set and stand a chance to win an exclusive piece of Chani's costume!

McFarlane Dune Part 2 Drop: New Figures & Chance to Win A Piece Of Chani's Costume!

Journey across the galaxy and delve deep into the scorching sands of Arrakis with McFarlane Toys' latest stellar collection.

Are you ready to embark on an epic quest? McFarlane Toys thrusts us into the heart of director Denis Villeneuve's grand saga, replicating the characters from Dune: Part Two with a new wave of figures.

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Gurney Halleck, Paul Atreides, Chani, Stilgar 4pk Gold Label Amazon Exclusive - Win A Piece Of Chani's Costume!

Amazon is where you'll find this exclusive Gold Label collection from McFarlane Toys. Tailored for the ultimate Dune: Part Two aficionado, each figure—Stilgar, Paul, Gurney, and Chani—is meticulously designed. At a 7” scale, they capture every nuance from the film.

With ultra articulation, each character boasts up to 22 moving parts, ready for dynamic posing. And for those looking to stage their own desert drama, the set comes complete with 2 thumpers, 4 wormrider hooks, 2 swords, 1 crysknife, and individual stands.

The cherry on top? A select 600 sets will include something truly special. Nestled within will be a piece of Chani’s actual costume from the film, showcased on a collectible card. A real chance to own a piece of Dune history!

Price and Preorder: Available exclusively on Amazon for $69.99, grab your chance to own a piece of Chani's costume!

Paul Atreides 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

Welcome the reluctant hero of Arrakis! Wrapped in his soft goods cloak and poised with his sword, this Paul Atreides figure stands tall, reminiscent of his perilous journey on Dune.

"Fear is the mind-killer." Dive deep into Paul's continuing saga, as he grapples with his destiny, drawing us further into the treacherous landscapes of the universe's most daunting planet.

Price and Preorder: Available for $22.99 from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Chani 7-Inch Scale Action Figure:

Fully articulated with amazing detail, this figure mirrors Chani’s appearance in the film perfectly. Armed with her trusted crysknife, draped in a soft goods cloak, and accompanied by a collectible art card, Chani is ready to join your collection.

A true depiction of strength and determination, Chani is a Fremen warrior with a burning passion for her home and her people. Ready to take on any challenge, she embodies the essence of determination.

Price and Preorder: Grab Chani for $22.99 at Amazon and Entertainment Earth, and get ready to witness pure desert prowess!

Feyd-Rautha Harkkonen 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

Behold the menacing might of House Harkonnen! Feyd-Rautha, brandishing his sword and dagger, and draped in his soft cloak, is a force to be reckoned with.

His unmatched blade combat prowess and unpredictable nature make him a figure that can't be missed. "Long live the fighters!"

Price and Preorder: Add this intriguing character to your collection for $22.99 from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Emperor Shaddam 7-Inch Scale Action Figure

All hail the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV! Revel in the intricate details of this figure, from his soft goods cloak to his sinister gaze, capturing the very essence of his manipulative nature.

A strategic mastermind, he weaves webs of intrigue and power plays, ensuring his supremacy.

Price and Preorder: This regal presence is yours for $22.99 from Amazon and  Entertainment Earth.

Gurney Hallleck and Rabban Battle 7-Inch Scale Action Figure 2-Pack

Prepare for an intense showdown! This 2-pack featuring Gurney and Rabban is a testament to the turbulent tide of Arrakis.

From Gurney's determination to Rabban's ferocious wrath, these figures encapsulate the very spirit of their characters' clash.

Price and Preorder: Experience the clash for $39.99 from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Feyd-Rautha and Paul Battle 7-Inch Scale Action Figure 2-Pack

It's time for the ultimate face-off! This meticulously designed 2-pack promises an encounter of epic proportions.

With Paul's resolute stance and Feyd-Rautha's menacing aura, it's a battle of destinies in the vast dunes of Arrakis.

Price and Preorder: Dive into their duel for $39.99 from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

McFarlane Toys Store Exclusive: Stilgar & Shishakli Gold Label Duo

Stilgar, the esteemed Fremen leader, is pivotal in guiding Paul Atreides on Arrakis. Alongside him is Shishakli, a formidable Fremen warrior with a close bond to Chani and expertise in both blade and lasgun combat.

In terms of accessories, they come equipped with 2 rocket launchers, an extra Shishakli head portrait for varied display, 2 collectible art cards, and an environmental figure base.

Price and Preorder: Available exclusively from McFarlane Toys Store for $39.99.

I haven't caught the first Dune movie from 2021 yet. But with Dune: Part 2 dropping in March 2024, I've got both movies high on my watch list. If you're into Dune or just curious about it, McFarlane's Dune: Part Two collection is a cool place to start!

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