McFarlane Toys Unveils Deluxe Accessory Pack 3 - Equip Some Serious Firepower!

Preorder the Deluxe Accessory Pack 3 from McFarlane Toys, exclusively available through the McFarlane Toys Store, for only $14.99. Shipping is expected in November 2023.

McFarlane Toys Unveils Deluxe Accessory Pack 3 - Equip Some Serious Firepower!

McFarlane Toys has just announced the launch of its latest offering: the Deluxe Accessory Pack 3.

Exclusively available through the McFarlane Toys Store for only $14.99, this new pack is now up for pre-order and promises to elevate your action figure collection to a whole new level.

A Treasure Trove of Accessories

One of the most exciting aspects of McFarlane Toys Deluxe Accessory packs is the sheer volume of accessories they offer. This pack is no different, including an astounding 17 different items, all designed to be compatible with any 7-inch McFarlane Toys Figure. This allows collectors the freedom to customize their action figures by equipping them with some serious firepower!

The Deluxe Accessory Pack 3 stands out not just for its variety, but also for its vibrant color scheme. The pack includes two dual pistols—one pair pink and one pair green—offering a playful take on conventional weaponry. The Uzi featured in the set sports an eye-catching combination of green and black paint, adding a unique aesthetic appeal to the already diverse collection. Also included is a shotgun, a gold silencer, an RPG, and many other items.

As this is an online exclusive release, enthusiasts will need to head to the McFarlane Toys Store to secure their accessory pack. Given the high demand for McFarlane products and the limited nature of online exclusives, early pre-ordering is advised to avoid disappointment!

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