McFarlane Toys Release DC Super Powers Wave 7 - Including Epic Vehicles!

Pre-order your favourites from the McFarlane Toys DC Super Powers Wave 7 collection today, including iconic figures and vehicles set to ship in April 2024

McFarlane Toys Release DC Super Powers Wave 7 - Including Epic Vehicles!

McFarlane Toys are bringing back the magic of the 80s with their latest DC Super Powers Wave 7 collection, and this time, it's not just about the figures - they've got vehicles! Get ready to relive your childhood fantasies or create new ones with these iconic characters and their awesome rides.

You can preorder DC Super Powers Wave 7 now from Entertainment Earth, with shipping expected in April 2024.

Let's break down what's included in Wave 7!

Skull Ship: Brainiac's Terrifying Craft

Villainy takes to the skies with the DC Super Powers Skull Ship, Brainiac's answer to interstellar domination. This hi-tech spacecraft is not only freaking cool but features moving attack tentacles, making it a formidable foe for any hero in your collection. Compatible with the Super Powers line figures, it's showcased in themed packaging in the style of the 80s series.

Preorder Now for only $19.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Brainiac Action Figure

Complementing his Skull Ship, the Brainiac Scale Action Figure is the perfect pilot for Skull Ship. For only $9.99, you get one of the universe's deadliest villains, featuring 5 points of articulation and packaged in the classic Super Powers style. Brainiac's thirst for knowledge has never been more tangible than in this detailed figure.

Preorder Now for only $9.99 at Entertainment Earth.

The Bug: Blue Beetle's Sky-High Adventure

We've also got the DC Super Powers Blue Beetle's Bug Ship Vehicle, a must-have for any collector. This aerial mobile headquarters is the perfect blend of retro design and modern playability, compatible with both new and vintage action figures from the Super Powers line. Imagine swooping into action with Blue Beetle, utilizing its opening wings and rappelling T-bar for daring rescues.

Preorder Now for only $29.99 at Entertainment Earth. It's a steal for such a cool piece.

Blue Beetle Action Figure

No Bug Ship is complete without its pilot, the DC Super Powers Wave 7 Blue Beetle Action Figure. This figure brings the beloved hero to life with about 5 points of articulation, packaged in the iconic Super Powers blister packaging. It's a tribute to the legacy of Dan Garrett and Ted Kord, the brilliant minds behind the Blue Beetle persona.

Preorder Now for only $9.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Kilowog Action Figure: The Green Lantern Trainer

Add some muscle to your collection with the Kilowog Action Figure. This figure showcases the beloved Green Lantern of Sector 674, complete with the iconic blister packaging. Kilowog's story of loss and leadership is a poignant reminder of the hero's journey.

Preorder Now for only $9.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Batman Manga Action Figure

The DC Super Powers Wave 7 Batman Manga Action Figure is a unique addition. This figure pays homage to the caped crusader's global influence, featuring 5 points of articulation and the nostalgic packaging that fans adore. Batman has never looked cooler!

Preorder Now for only $9.99 at Entertainment Earth.

The Ultimate Collectible Case

For the hardcore fans, the DC Super Powers Wave 7 Action Figure Case of 6 is a treasure trove. At $59.99, it includes Batman Manga, Blue Beetle, Brainiac and Kilowog. It also includes Sinestro and a special Superman Gold Edition 40th Anniversary figure. It's a lineup that screams "must-have."

Preorder Now for only $59.99 at Entertainment Earth. It's the perfect way to secure all figures in the wave.

Brainiac with Skull Ship: The Gold Label Exclusive

Rounding out the collection is the Gold Label Brainiac With Skull Ship combo, exclusive to McFarlane Toys Store for $39.99. This set features Brainiac and his Skull Ship with moving tentacles, continuing the Super Powers legacy with a nod to collectors seeking something truly special.

April 2024 can't come soon enough for fans of the DC Super Powers line. McFarlane Toys has outdone themselves with wave 7, with Brainiac's Skull Ship the highlight. Whether you're a die-hard collector or just want a piece to show off your fandom, grab these hero and villain rides whilst you can.

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