DC Multiverse Catman Action Figure Launches From McFarlane Toys

The McFarlane Toys' Catman action figure is now exclusively available for pre-order for just $24.99. Prepare to add this feline-themed anti-hero to your collection when it ships in August 2023.

DC Multiverse Catman Action Figure Launches From McFarlane Toys

In the world of DC Multiverse collectibles, it's always thrilling when an exclusive piece lands in our lap. Well, prepare to pounce because McFarlane Toys Store is now exclusively offering the latest action figure of everyone's favourite feline-focused anti-hero: Catman!

You can preorder now directly from McFarlane Toys Store for only $24.99.

Ah, Thomas Blake, the man behind the Catman mask. Originally a big-game hunter with a penchant for tracking large cats and selling them to zoos, his life took a curious turn after a visit to a Pacific island and a fateful encounter with a cat cult. The theft of a sacred cat carving and the cloth that covered it would lead him back to Gotham City, where he donned his own set of cat-themed accessories and began his life as Catman.

The new Catman action figure stands at the usual 7 inches and is designed with their signature Ultra Articulation, with up to 22 moving parts. Whether you're staging an epic battle scene or simply admiring him on your shelf, this Catman figure is ready to leap into action.

Accompanying Catman are his claw hands and two trusty knives, perfect for recreating his daring adventures. As a Gold Label figure, a unique feature of Catman is his fabric cape, adding an extra layer of realism and style.

Just like with their previous figures, McFarlane Toys also includes a collectible art card featuring character art on the front and a brief character biography on the back. Whether you're a veteran collector or just starting out, this card is a great little bonus to help you dive deeper into Catman's intriguing backstory.

Remember, this Catman figure is exclusive to the McFarlane Toys Store, so make sure you secure yours before it's gone. Happy hunting, collectors!

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