McFarlane Toys Dark Knight Trilogy Figures Available at SDCC

McFarlane Toys echoes 'The Dark Knight Trilogy's' legacy with new Gold Label figures. Get our early impressions and find out how to secure these iconic collectibles.

McFarlane Toys Dark Knight Trilogy Figures Available at SDCC

The legacy of 'The Dark Knight Trilogy' continues to ripple through pop culture, a testament to its enduring impact. Evidence of this influence is seen in the imminent release of McFarlane Toys' new set of Gold Label figures.: The Joker (Bank Robber), Bane (with Trench Coat), and The Joker (Sonar Vision).

Announced via a tweet on their official Twitter account, the figures will be available at the SDCC DC booth #4645.

As for being SDCC-exclusive figures, that's a little unclear right now. Here in the UK, we can pre-order The Joker (Bank Robber) and The Joker (Sonar Vision) for release this month. Bane is currently listed, but out-of-stock. I assume the figures will be available online in the US after the convention.

Heath Ledger's iconic Joker in his bank robber guise looks brilliant on early viewing. Dressed in his distinctive mask and suit, with a swappable unmasked head, this figure captures the chaotic nature of the character perfectly. This one I have pre-ordered, so will cover it in detail when it arrives.

Tom Hardy's Bane looks menacing, complete with his signature trench coat. The intricacies of the figure, from the mask's design to the shearling-lined coat, look very promising.

The third figure in the series offers a unique take on The Joker, featuring Sonar Vision. This references a memorable scene where Batman, using his Cowl's Sonar Vision to rescue hostages, spots The Joker.

Although this design is certainly unique and will likely appeal to some, I must admit it's not to my personal taste.

As always, we'll keep you updated as soon as we uncover more details.

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