McFarlane Toys Step Up Collector Edition With Wave 2 - Preorder Now!

Secure your McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Wave 2 for $29.99 each. Preorder now for expected shipping in October 2023!

McFarlane Toys Step Up Collector Edition With Wave 2 - Preorder Now!

The McFarlane legacy brings another illustrious wave of collector figures to the spotlight, intricately depicting classic moments from the pages of DC Comics. Dive into the vivid portrayals of Hawkman, Sinestro, and Firestorm.

The character choice and detail in the figures all feel like a step up from wave one, especially with long-requested figures such as Sinestro (which has already sold out on Amazon, but you can grab him at Entertainment Earth while stocks last!).

Let's take a look at what's on offer from McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Wave 2.

Sinestro Corps War Action Figure

From the Green Lantern of Sector 1417 to the founder of the Sinestro Corps, this figure embodies the pride and fall of Sinestro.

McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Sinestro can be preordered now on Amazon and Entertainment Earth for $29.99.

Each meticulously designed figure, captured in a 7-inch scale, is accessorized with a power battery and a chain construct.

Relish in the tale of Sinestro's ambition, showcased in premium packaging, supplemented by an exclusive card stand, display base, and a narrative art card.

Hawkman Zero Hour Action Figure

Relive the glory of Hawkman from the Zero Hour era.

McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Hawkman Zero Hour can be preordered now on Amazon and Entertainment Earth for $29.99.

This 7-inch action figure, complete with majestic wings and his emblematic mace, has glorious detail in his shimmering helmet. Whether he's an Egyptian soul caught in a cycle of rebirth or an alien police officer, Hawkman stands timeless.

Each figure, housed in premium window box packaging, includes an exclusive card stand, display base, and a collectible art card narrating the hero's storied past.

Firestorm Crisis on Infinite Earths Action Figure

Experience the unity of youth and wisdom with Firestorm, The Nuclear Man.

McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Firestorm can be preordered now on Amazon and Entertainment Earth for $29.99.

When Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein fuse, they become the powerful Firestorm. This 7-inch representation captures the essence of their synergy, equipped with extra hands, flame hand effects, and the character's unique energy.

Each edition, wrapped in a premium window box, carries an art card providing a glimpse into Firestorm's dual nature.

Will you find a chase figure?

As with wave one, McFarlane has inserted limited "chase variants" throughout the production run. Comparable to finding a golden ticket, you may just be one of the few to discover an ultra-rare figure variant in your order. These treasures are not guaranteed, but ordering multiple units might enhance your chances.

Hopefully, the chase variants are better than Action Comics #1 Superman from Wave 1, which just gave him his traditional red boots that should have been on the main product run.

McFarlane Toys have so far stepped up their game for Wave 2 of the Collector Edition, reserve yours now to avoid missing out on this latest wave in the collection!

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