McFarlane's Captain Boomerang Stuns with Fabric Coat & Scarf

Capture dynamic action with Mcfarlane's Captain Boomerang wired fabric costume - pre-order starting April 2nd.

McFarlane's Captain Boomerang Stuns with Fabric Coat & Scarf

On the heels of WonderCon, McFarlane Toys has announced that the preorder for the Captain Boomerang (McFarlane Collector Edition #13) 7" scale figure will kick off on the 2nd of April at select retailers.

McFarlane's Captain Boomerang is now available to preorder for only $29.99, from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

This figure captures Captain Boomerang based on his appearance in The Flash, and let's just say, the level of detail here is sharper than the edge of a boomerang. With the reveal image released alongside the announcement, we can catch a glimpse of what's in store—and it looks downright fantastic!

One of the standout features of this figure is, what appears to be, a wired fabric coat and scarf, which is a huge win for poseability! McFarlane Toys has previously faced some flak over their ‘Collector Edition’ line not quite living up to the grandeur of its title. However, with this Captain Boomerang, it seems they’ve taken the feedback on board. The wiring is always an appreciated feature, enabling us to craft some dynamic, wind-swept poses that bring our rogue to life. And as someone who’s always a fan of fabric clothing on figures, I must say, it's refreshing to see this level of attention to detail.

Beyond the excitement of wires and fabrics, the ‘Collector Edition’ line is doing a brilliant job at giving lesser-sung heroes (and villains!) their due. Captain Boomerang, with his rogue charm and Aussie wit, get's to bask in the action figure limelight, and we love to see it.

Remember, the pre-order launches on April 2nd, don't miss that chance to add some Aussie wit to your collection!

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