Batman Swaps His Cape for Santa Suits in McFarlane Toys Holiday Exclusive

Dive early into the festive season as McFarlane Toys unveils Batman like you've never seen before – donning Santa suits and ready to jingle all the way!

Batman Swaps His Cape for Santa Suits in McFarlane Toys Holiday Exclusive

The Dark Knight is renowned for his brooding presence and relentless pursuit of justice in Gotham City. However, this holiday season, Batman is taking a festive turn, thanks to McFarlane Toys Store's exclusive releases.

These festive Batman figures can be great holiday decorations from the usual tinsel and holly. I'm not usually a fan of holiday-themed figures, but Batman seems to suit that big white beard and Santa Suit!

Deck the Halls with Batman in Red

First up is the Batman Santa in a striking Red Suit, available exclusively from the McFarlane Toys Store.

Whether he's delivering gifts or justice, this Batman figure ensures he does it in style. The 7" Gold Label figure is priced at $29.99, showcasing Batman in a detailed red holiday attire. And with that sack of presents, it seems even Gotham's protector is swapping Batarangs for baubles this festive season!

Jingle All the Way with Batman in Blue

For those who fancy a cooler shade, there's the Batman Santa in a captivating Blue Suit.  Also priced at $29.99 and exclusive to the McFarlane Toys Store.

The figure is identical to the red version's design but in a vibrant blue hue. I prefer the traditional red look, but if blue is your colour, then this is the one for you.

Both figures get the usual McFarlane Toys treatment, designed with Ultra Articulation, boasting up to 22 moving parts, ensuring a full range of posing and play. Each figure also comes with a collectible comic book cover-style art print with a stand.

As the snow falls over Gotham, even the Bat Signal seems to shimmer a little brighter. Here's to the upcoming festive season filled with heroics and holiday cheer, the Batman way!

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