McFarlane Toys Captures the Campy Vibe of 'Batman & Robin' in Clever X Post Teaser

Mark your calendars for November 8th when McFarlane Toys unveils the pre-order for their much-anticipated Batman & Robin Build-A-Wave figures.

McFarlane Toys Captures the Campy Vibe of 'Batman & Robin' in Clever X Post Teaser

McFarlane Toys left fans at the edge of their seats with a brilliantly crafted teaser for their upcoming Batman & Robin Build-A-Wave figures.

The tweet, or as it's now referred to, an X post, came with the phrase, "Time to SUIT UP!" along with the exciting news that these collectibles will be available for pre-order starting November 8th. The hashtags point towards the action figure lineup, including Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze.

The new figures have dropped now and are available to preorder on Amazon and Entertainment Earth for only $24.99 each. Collect all four figures to assemble Mr Freeze!

The hilarious video showcases a sneak peek of the figures embodying the essence of the notorious outfits featured in the film 'Batman & Robin.' The video ingeniously reels through the process of the figures getting 'suited and booted' in the film's infamous tight-fitting outfits. It's a nostalgic nod, particularly when the batsuit with the notorious nipples appears. The teaser takes a playful approach by zooming in on various parts of the costumes including the gloves, boots, and the crotch areas, encapsulating the campiness that the film is well-known for.

This clever marketing move by McFarlane Toys not only builds anticipation for the Build-A-Wave figures but also reminisces on the quirky aesthetics of the 'Batman & Robin' film. It's the perfect blend of humour and homage which resonates with both collectors and casual fans of the DC universe.

This wave of figures will be popular, so, mark your calendars for November 8th, and get ready to take a nostalgic trip back to the 90s, one bat nipple at a time!

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