McFarlane Toys Batman Dark Knights Of Steel Figure Available To Preorder Now!

McFarlane Toys latest upcoming figure, Batman Dark Knights of Steel, is available to preorder now for only $19.99, with shipping expected in October-November 2023.

McFarlane Toys Batman Dark Knights Of Steel Figure Available To Preorder Now!

McFarlane Toys latest badass Batman is now ready to preorder, with the release of Batman from Dark Knights of Steel.

Preorder McFarlane Toys Batman Dark Knights of Steel for only $19.99 on Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Step into a world where medieval grandeur meets heroic tales! From the Kingdom of El comes the fearless knight, Bruce. This McFarlane Toys Batman Dark Knights of Steel action figure stands at 7 inches tall and boasts ultra articulation with an impressive 22 moving parts, allowing for endless posing and play possibilities.

Equip your medieval Dark Knight with the included sword and display him on the provided base. You'll also receive the usual collectible card featuring character art, along with a character biography on the back.

Dark Knights of Steel presents an enthralling reimagining of the classic Batman storyline, weaving iconic characters into a medieval fantasy tapestry. Within this realm, Prince Kal-El wrestles with his innate powers and ancestral legacy, while Bruce, assuming the role of a noble knight, unearths a labyrinth of secrets that question his perception of kinship and obligation.

Prophecies, forbidden affection, and an impending war interlace, adding intricate layers of fascination to this distinctive interpretation of the beloved Batman universe. Fans are assured a novel and captivating escapade that breathes new life into the familiar narrative.

This will no doubt be a very popular McFarlane Toys figure, so secure your preorder now to avoid disappointment!

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