McFarlane Toys Unleashes the Horde with AMC's Walking Dead License

McFarlane Toys and AMC are joining forces to unleash a new horde of The Walking Dead collectibles. Fans can look forward to both physical and innovative digital releases joining the McFarlane Toys Digital lineup

McFarlane Toys Unleashes the Horde with AMC's Walking Dead License

Big news is shambling down the pipeline for fans of The Walking Dead and collectible aficionados alike! McFarlane Toys has just rolled out a juicy tidbit that's bound to set the community abuzz. They're pairing up with AMC once again, this time to dig deeper into The Walking Dead Universe with a brand-new licensing agreement with McFarlane Toys Digital.

This partnership is set to usher in a wave of both physical and digital collectibles that span the rich, post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, including the latest series sensation, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

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For those who've been living under a rock (or maybe just avoiding zombies), The Ones Who Live is currently the talk of the town, airing Sundays on AMC and AMC+, and follows the epic love journey of Rick and Michonne. These fan favourites have been through thick and thin, and now, thanks to McFarlane Toys, they'll be immortalized in collectible form for fans to enjoy off-screen.

Cristy Collins, McFarlane Toys' Vice President of Licensing, is practically buzzing with excitement over this collaboration. "The Walking Dead has a knack for capturing our imaginations and keeping us on the edge of our seats, and we're over the moon to bring fans something they can hold onto (literally) from their favourite series," she said. It's clear that this isn't just another licensing agreement; it's a labour of love and a tribute to the series' gripping storytelling and unforgettable characters.

Clayton Neuman, the brain behind AMC's Games and Franchise efforts, chimed in with equal enthusiasm. "As we dive into the next epic chapter of The Walking Dead Universe, there's no better time to level up our partnership with McFarlane Toys," he commented. The anticipation among the fanbase for new, tangible pieces of their beloved universe is sky-high, and it sounds like McFarlane is ready to deliver.

I'm genuinely curious to see what McFarlane Toys will roll out with this AMC partnership. Considering their history with 7" articulated action figures from The Walking Dead Universe, it'll be intriguing to see if this approach is repeated, perhaps with a digital figure inclusion, as recently seen with various figures and statues. Here's hoping they nail whatever they do.

Then again, this partnership could be a match made in hell, as one fan suggested with the concept of a Jokerized Negan (shudder).

Moving swiftly on from that thought, the world of The Walking Dead collectibles is about to get a fresh infusion of excitement, courtesy of McFarlane Toys and AMC. Keep your eyes peeled and your shelves ready, because something tells me these figures are going to be the talk of the apocalypse!

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