McFarlane Toys Unveils Amazon Exclusive Redeemer Glow In The Dark Edition (Gold Label)

Pre-order McFarlane's Redeemer Glow In The Dark Edition (Gold Label) for $29.99 exclusively at Amazon. Shipping is expected in November 2023.

McFarlane Toys Unveils Amazon Exclusive Redeemer Glow In The Dark Edition (Gold Label)

McFarlane Toys have once again captured the attention of collectors and fans with the release of their latest figure, the "Redeemer Glow In The Dark Edition (Gold Label)".

The Redeemer Glow In The Dark Edition (Gold Label) is available to preorder now only at Amazon for $29.99.

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The Redeemer, known as the Anti-Spawn, represents heaven's answer to Hell's Hellspawn. A formidable religious warrior, the Redeemer is chosen by The Ethereal Masters to be a beacon of heavenly might and purpose. The current Redeemer, Eddie Frank, stands out as he retains his mortal memories, making him the most potent Redeemer to date, driven by his animosity towards the Hellspawns.

This is a seriously badass figure boasting glow-in-the-dark paint, definitely an easy addition to your collection. Designed with the usual Ultra Articulation, the figure has up to 22 moving parts, allowing for a wide range of poses.

The Redeemer comes equipped with two swords, a base, an art card, and an art card stand. The collectible art card features character art on the front and a certificate of authenticity on the back.

For those who appreciate intricate details, the Redeemer figure is presented in an exclusive designer box, emphasizing its limited edition status. The figure is based on Todd McFarlane's Spawn Comic Series, ensuring authenticity and attention to detail.

McFarlane Toys continues to impress with its line of figures, and the Redeemer Glow In The Dark Edition (Gold Label) is no exception. Whether you're a dedicated collector or someone who simply admires well-crafted action figures, this piece is a worthy addition to any collection.

Preorder now only at Amazon for $29.99.

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