McFarlane Toys Launch Amazon Exclusive Clayface, Batman & Batwoman 3 Pack!

Preorder McFarlane Toys Clayface, Batman & Batwoman 3pk exclusively on Amazon for only $69.99.

McFarlane Toys Launch Amazon Exclusive Clayface, Batman & Batwoman 3 Pack!

McFarlane Toys has released a Clayface, Batman & Batwoman 3pk, available exclusively on Amazon as part of the Gold Label series.

The McFarlane Toys Clayface, Batman & Batwoman 3pk is available to preorder exclusively on Amazon for only $69.99.

We have seen both Clayface and Batman before, based on their DC Rebirth Comic look, but this version of Batwoman is new to McFarlane Toys. As of yet, we don't know if we will see this figure sold separately like the other two. You may just be out of luck if you already own Clayface and Batman!

Standing at 7 inches tall, each figure in the McFarlane Gold Label 3pk has the usual 22 moving parts that allow for a diverse range of poses and display options. Batman and Batwoman come complete with grapnel launchers and Batarangs, providing the tools needed for fans to recreate iconic moments from the Rebirth comics.

It's a really cool set, and if you don't own any of these figures, it's definitely one to pick up!

Clayface, known as Basil Karlo, takes centre stage as a once-famous actor turned menacing villain. His journey from a failed movie career to a shape-shifting entity of clay is a story of tragedy and transformation.

Meanwhile, Batwoman, Kate Kane, stands as a symbol of empowerment and determination. Trained by the military and driven by her own ideals, she brings her unique perspective to the fight against crime.

And of course, no collection would be complete without Batman—Bruce Wayne—the legendary Dark Knight whose origin story of tragedy fuels his unending quest for justice.

Secure your piece of the DC Multiverse by preordering the McFarlane Toys Gold Label 3pk today exclusively on Amazon for only $69.99.

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