Amazon Exclusive McFarlane Toys Buzz Lightyear Takes You to Infinity and Beyond

Preorder the McFarlane Toys Buzz Lightyear figure for just $29.99! Shipping is expected October 30, 2023.

Amazon Exclusive McFarlane Toys Buzz Lightyear Takes You to Infinity and Beyond

Dive into an alternate Disney universe with Buzz Lightyear like you've never seen him before! As the iconic Space Ranger takes his heroism into the Mirrorverse, his enhanced suit is ready to save not just Andy's room, but an entirely different world.

Preorder McFarlane Toys Disney Mirrorverse Buzz Lightyear Glow in The Dark Edition for only $29.99 exclusively on Amazon.

Standing at 7 inches, this McFarlane Toys figure offers incredible detail, straight out of the Disney Mirrorverse mobile game. Designed with Ultra Articulation, Buzz Lightyear boasts 22 moving parts for a full range of poses and immersive play.

Outfit your Buzz Lightyear with removable wings and pose him on the included card stand and base. As a Gold Label edition, we get an awesome Glow in The Dark paint finish, making this Buzz Lightyear truly out of this world. The usual collectible art card with character art on the front and a certificate of authenticity on the back is included.

Disney Mirrorverse is a mobile game that explores new dimensions of classic Disney characters. Set in an expansive universe adjacent to Disney canon, this role-playing game reimagines iconic figures in a fresh narrative.

Though it may seem to be an unexpected choice to make a figure from such a niche Buzz Lightyear variant based on a mobile game, it looks undeniably cool. In fact, McFarlane Toys released the non-glow version back in 2021.

Order your McFarlane Toys Buzz Lightyear figure now—limited to just 3000 pieces—and add a touch of the Disney Mirrorverse to your shelf!

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