McFarlane Toys Unleashes All-New Resin Statues, Including Batman, Harley Quinn, & Catwoman

Elevate your fandom to museum quality with these artful resin statues from McFarlane Toys. Available to preorder now from $129.99.

McFarlane Toys Unleashes All-New Resin Statues, Including Batman, Harley Quinn, & Catwoman

McFarlane Toys is revolutionizing your collector's shelf by releasing a brand-new line of intricately detailed resin statues. Featuring iconic characters like Harley Quinn, Batman, and Catwoman, these sculptures are seriously awesome!

These new releases are available for preorder and are set to ship around March 2024.

Batman Black and White by Mitch Gerads Resin 1:10 Scale Statue

Mitch Gerads has given the Dark Knight a new shadow with this breathtaking sculpture.

Like a vigilante in the night, this statue is elusive and limited, with hand-numbering on the base. Based on the Flashpoint: Beyond #1 cover artwork, it stands an impressive 8 1/4 inches tall.

Price and Preorder: Secure your piece of Gotham for $124.99, available at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black by Simone Di Meo Resin 1:10 Scale Statue

Prepare for a whirlwind of crazy with Simone Di Meo's spectacular interpretation of Harley Quinn.

This is not your regular Harley Quinn; it's pulled from the stylized work of Harley Quinn: Future State, offering a unique and fresh take on this beloved character. Standing at about 7 2/5-inches tall and made of premium resin, you'll be blown away by the detail and how well-made it is.

Price and Preorder: Ready to bring some chaos to your collection? It’s available for preorder for $124.99 from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

DC Cover Girls Catwoman by J. Scott Campbell Resin 1:8 Scale Statue

Step aside, boys; Catwoman is slinking her way into the DC Cover Girls lineup with J. Scott Campbell's enchanting design.

Wearing her iconic skin-tight suit and trusty whip, this Catwoman perfectly embodies J. Scott Campbell's art style.  This 10-inch tall statue, made of the finest resin, is an absolute showstopper.

Price and Preorder:  Grab this feline femme fatale for $139.99 from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

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