GI Joe VAMP Release Thrills Fans, but There's a Catch for International Fans

Preorders for GI Joe's new VAMP are lighting up the scene. International fans, however, will truly pay for their passion.

GI Joe VAMP Release Thrills Fans, but There's a Catch for International Fans

The much-anticipated GI Joe VAMP is set to roll out in May 2024, and guess what? Preorders are now live, direct from Hasbro Pulse, with fans eager to get their hands on this update of a classic.

The VAMP: A Masterclass in Toy Design

The G.I. Joe Classified Series #112 from Hasbro doesn't just bring us any vehicle; it introduces us to the VAMP (Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle), a masterpiece in the realm of toy vehicles. Its sleek design and intricate detailing command your attention. It's a stunner! Thankfully, the accessories and features also do not disappoint.

The VAMP is kitted out with a plethora of accessories, ensuring that every mission is equipped for any eventuality. Need to combat a blaze? There's a fire axe and extinguisher at the ready. Running low on fuel during a high-octane chase? No worries, the VAMP comes with two fuel cans. And for those unexpected combat scenarios, the VAMP is armed with side mirrors, a tow hook, and a formidable cannon.

Functionality is at the heart of the VAMP's design. Its wheels aren't just for show; they're fully functional, ensuring smooth rides across rugged terrains. And with a multi-seat design, the VAMP is ready to transport a team of GI Joe heroes to their next mission.

Clutch: The Heart and Soul of the VAMP

No VAMP is complete without its driver, and Clutch is the perfect match. With his signature motor oil-inspired hair and rugged look, he's every bit the G.I. Joe icon.

Clutch comes with 5 character-inspired accessories, including two helmets, a wrench, and two weapon accessories, ensuring he's always battle-ready.

The International Dilemma

Now, for folks like me in the UK, there's a bit of a snag. While our friends in the US can snag this set for $99.99, we're looking at a price tag of £104.99. That's a jump to around $127.30, a 27% increase. Across Europe, the price is €124.99 or $132.23, a 32% increase. Even accounting for the usual "across-the-pond tax," this feels a tad steep.

With the Haslab Dragonfly, it was a similar story. I shelled out £289.99 to back the project, which translates to a hefty $351.70. That's a 28% markup from the US backer price of $274.99. Naturally, I'd love to pair the VAMP with my Dragonfly, but that combo comes with a premium – an extra $104 to be precise.

All in all, the GI Joe Clutch with VAMP is set to be an incredible addition to your collection. But for fans outside the US, it's also a reminder of the challenges that come with international collecting.

But hey, passion always finds a way, right?

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