How To Earn .5% Cashback On AtomicHub Purchases

How To Earn .5% Cashback On AtomicHub Purchases
How To Earn .5% Cashback On AtomicHub Purchases

There is no such thing as a free lunch...or is there?

Thanks to the continuing marvel of CAIT, we can get 0.5% cashback on every AtomicHub Purchase.

For example, if you spent 1k WAX you would get 5 WAX back. Not bad for little to no effort.

I mean, it's really easy to do! Just follow these steps:

Get cashback

First, hop over to and log in using either your WAX Cloud Wallet or Anchor Wallet:

Once you are in you will see there are three steps to follow:

  1. Browse an NFT to buy on AtomicHub
  2. Copy the URL (or Sale ID) to your clipboard
  3. Paste the URL (or Sale ID) into the box below

Ok, so now we need to find a cool NFT to purchase.

Buy a rocking NFT!

For this example, I'm going to grab an Iron Maiden NFT standard pack.

All you need to copy is the Sale ID: 37350905 (or you can copy the page URL)

I'll also take note of the price:

Paste Sales ID

Now, like a true copypasta pro, I'll paste the sales ID in the provided field and hit submit:

We will see an image of the NFT we are buying, the price (which checks out) and the expected WAX cashback (0.5%). Nice!

If you do change your mind on the NFT you are buying, just click on Cashback in the top right and it will take you back to the steps page.

Buy through CAIT

Now we just need to hit the Buy for button and we are good to go:

That's it done!

You will now see the transaction successful message.

Confirming our purchase & cashback

When you click on Transaction Successful, you see all the transaction details, including the cashback that was paid into your WAX Wallet. The system works!

When you go back to the NFT sale page on AtomicHub, you can see that the transaction was bought by the wallet cashbacksale on your behalf.

When you check your inventory, you will not only see your NFT purchase but the cashback too!

Now that's what I call a free lunch (or a small step towards one)!

Anytime you want to claim cashback on an AtomicHub purchase, just log back into and repeat the steps above.

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Header Image by Ryan Quintal / Unsplash

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