How to Get a Free Shockirus with Your Cybot Godzilla 1984 – Limited Time Offer!

Unlock an exclusive deal on the Cybot Godzilla from X-Plus and snag a free Shockirus figure! Dive into the details before the offer vanishes on February 26, 2024.

How to Get a Free Shockirus with Your Cybot Godzilla 1984 – Limited Time Offer!

If you're on the hunt for the latest and most iconic additions to your collection, here's a tip that's too good to pass up. The Cybot Godzilla from X-Toys, a masterpiece that resurrects the awe-inspiring presence of the 1984 Godzilla, is now available. But before you rush to mainstream online stores like Entertainment Earth (where I may earn from qualifying purchases), we've found an even better deal!

Mainstream outlets are offering the standard edition of the Cybot Godzilla, a tribute to the mechanical marvel used in the 1984 film alongside the traditional Godzilla costume. This film marked Godzilla's grand return after a nine-year break, introducing a more expressive monster with movable eyes, mouth, and snout. The 34cm tall model by MONSTER MAKER 28, meticulously crafted to embody Shunsuke Niwa’s detailed style, captures the iconic look of Godzilla with arms wide and an intimidating glare.

Available at popular retailers such as Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore, this figure alone is a must-have. However, for those looking to add this beast to their collection, there's a way to make this acquisition even more special.

Here's the scoop: purchasing directly from X-Plus, through their international site, not only secures you the Cybot Godzilla but also lands you the Shonen-RIC Exclusive version, which comes with a bonus—“Shockirus.” This giant aquatic isopod, also from the 1984 film, adds a whole new dimension to your display, allowing you to recreate one of the movie’s unforgettable scenes. The best part? This addition, which uses the same mould as the "Toho 30cm Series Godzilla(1984)" released in 2013, is essentially free when you order directly.

We aren't affiliated with X-Plus, we don't earn with their direct links, but we always want readers to find value when it's out there.

Now, let's talk numbers. While the temptation to hit 'buy' on familiar sites is strong, direct purchase from X-Plus is priced at 35,300 Japanese Yen including shipping, roughly translating to $235 based on current exchange rates. This is a mere $20 more than what you'd pay at Entertainment Earth for the standard edition. Considering you're getting the exclusive Shockirus figure (an 18cm long marvel in itself), this deal is a steal. Plus, you won't have to wait until July, as direct orders are slated for delivery in April 2024. A quick check on exchange rates and potential card charges is wise, but the value is clear.

For fans of the retro Godzilla aesthetic, with its large feet, wide arms, and fiercely expressive face framed by those large, menacing fangs, this model is a dream come true. It's a classic, reimagined with the quality and attention to detail that X-Plus delivers at a reasonable price point.

Pre-orders are only open until February 26, 2024, so you will need to be quick if you do want to secure your Shonen-RIC Exclusive version. The Cybot Godzilla, paired with the exclusive Shockirus figure, offers an unbeatable combination of nostalgia and value. Don't miss out!

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